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I am very excited to announce that I am now offering save-the-date, engagement, pet, senior, maternity, and family portrait sessions in addition to the fine-art prints already offered. 

Session prices are significantly reduced during this beginning promotional period, so please don't hesitate to contact me now! 

Sessions are much preferred to take place in the great outdoors, in natural light. Preferred times for these sessions will usually fall either in the morning or late afternoon for the best possible results.

However if an indoor location is desired due to inclement weather and inability to reschedule as a result, it will be the client(s)' sole responsibility to furnish a suitable space for the session at $15 less the initial cost.

Location suggestions in the Southern Maine area will be provided upon request. Please note that travel times over 30 minutes or distances over 30 miles from Gorham will incur extra charges of 58 cents per mile.

Senior Portrait:

Mini Session: 40 minutes | One Change of Clothing | $45

Full Session: 60 minutes | Two Changes of Clothing/Two Locations | $95

Family Portrait:

1-3 Family members: Mini (30 minutes) - $55 | Full  (60 minutes) - $105

3-6 Members: Mini - $75 | Full - $115

7 or More Members: Full only - $135

Save the Date/Engagement(I don’t discriminate!):

I will not provide props for these sessions, so if you have some, please bring them. This could include anything from pumpkins for an October wedding, to tiny palm trees for a wedding in Florida, to the obvious: the engagement ring.

Mini (40 minutes) - $55 | Full (60 minutes) - $105

Two locations - add $15 to the above.


Mini only (40 minutes) - $45


Mini only (30 minutes) - $25

Please contact me using the contact link above to schedule!

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